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so this is a few years old, but I just recently saw/found this performance. I really love this song and, so I felt like posting it.

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I've loved this song for years. Even though it's kind of sad, it always brings back happy memories for me. Don't ask me why cause I don't know why. I haven't listened to this song in over a year, but I was riding in the car with my cousins and this song came on the radio. I just randomly decided that I wanted to post it here after hearing it.

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I woke up this morning wanting to listen to a certain song, but I could not remember who sang it. so what did I do? well, I was able to remember some of the lyrics and typed it into youtube. When the name 'hellogoodbye' popped up, my memory came back to me. hellogoodbye was a band I fell in love with during my first two years of college.

This is the first song of theirs that I heard, and the one I really wanted to listen to:

This is the song that made me completely fall in love with them, there's no MV for it but it's a lovely song:

Looking up hellogoodbye made me want to listen to a band that I did in high school. I was able to remember the name of the band, New Found Glory, but I had to do some digging around because I could not remember the name of the song that made me like them. I found it ofc.

I am now redownloading both bands' albums. I say redownloading cause I used to have them on my old laptop and my old iPod before they both completely broke.


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