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and what am I doing? I'm on my comp ofc. but I can't be yelled at for this cause my sis is out with her bf and my mom is at work. also, I did my sisterly duty. I bought her cake (chocolate mousse cake from Red Ribbon to be exact. so YUMMY~~~~)

anyways... my sis's bf bought her a bunny as a present. it's so cute and tiny. we have no idea if it's a boy or girl yet, but my sis decided to name it Sweet Pea.

pics under the cut )

alright, gonna go watch the last episode of Tumbling now. seriously loving this drama XD
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY POPSICLE ([ profile] mele_3_4)!!!

let's start off with a video, shall we?

there was a different video here, but it was taken off :/ and yes, I do want to keep this song here.

moving on now...

you're no longer a teenager! welcome to the land of the 20s!!
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you know the drill. click the cut to get your birthday spam )

I really didn't think I'd be able to post this on time since midnight your time is 7 am here and I'm in class then. but I found a way :D
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meaning it's my hero's birthday so....
([ profile] sadistic_dance)!!!

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I'm slightly incoherent right now so this post is a hot mess )
here, have some cake
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I'm sorry, I completely forgot yesterday, but....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] virtuoussin85!!!!!

I have no idea what kind of cake you like but this one looks pretty
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